A Tailored Solution

As the list of providers grows, are they necessarily tailored to your facility? Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities are strongly tied to dietary needs with budgets that are not always as flexible as other sectors of the hospitality industry. Many residents in senior care have weakened immune systems, so reducing the risk of foodborne illness is critical to a facility’s process and environment. Since meals are served in a set time-frame, a large amount of food is typically prepared at once, and must maintain the proper temperature controls until everyone is served.

Regulations change frequently, as does your facility and bed count-- is your current provider prepared?

Technical features:
  • Paperless menu system and order capture
  • Electronic menu creation
  • Ingredient and recipe control
  • Automatic portion calculation and waste management
  • Automatic patient dietary sensitive checks
  • Links with Verify Food safety software for full HACCP & Traceability control
  • Completely paperless business operation

Be an Industry Leader

Our fully-integrated approach enables your team members to create top-notch dining experiences for your residents through commitment to service excellence. Verify guides the development of a strategic partnership that improves clinical dietary outcomes, differentiates your facility’s food services and enhances the lives of your residents and their family members. Verify understands that each senior living community is unique, with ever-changing budgetary needs. Our subscription-based software, bundled with fully-managed hardware solutions, gives you an edge on delivering the best modern dining services possible to your residents.

You want to...
  • Efficiently and consistently provide food services to residents in your facility.
  • Stay within or improve on departmental budgets of the Food Services Supervisor.
  • Keep the Food Services Supervisor’s staff educated, trained and scheduled efficiently.
You need to...
  • Make purchasing decisions with all business needs in mind: budgetary, special needs and federal/state regulations.
  • Focus on long-term planning so that the day-to-day is seamless, regimented and consistent with strategic thinking and entrepreneurial aptitude.
  • Assure compliance with his facility’s policies, state, and federal regulatory guidelines through both announced and unannounced audits.
  • Keep up with day-to-day operations, but stay in-the-know on residents’ individual service plans, state regulation changes, federal regulation changes, and announced (or unannounced!) audits.
  • Identify the newest, relevant technology in order to be more efficient.

Adapts as your Business Grows

We continually monitor and evaluate existing programs dedicating infrastructure that promotes ongoing training and development of staff with special concentration on food safety and sanitation, and a continual focus on health and well-being through recipe development, menu evaluation and interactive education for staff and residents.

Accommodates for Unique Needs

Whether a nursing home, assisted living facility or retirement community -- Verify takes into account your budget and aims to help you meet not only HACCP regulations on the federal level, but your state’s unique requirements. All without drowning in paperwork, and at a subscription-based cost to accommodate your budget.

Challenges of Dining Services

  • Efficiently manage the movement of product through the entire food supply chain.
  • Track assets in a way that meets any regulation.
  • Replace pencil and paper with electronic records.
  • Use a solution tailored to the needs of senior living facilities.
  • Add capabilities to an existing ERP or financial system.
  • Reduce cost and waste connected to your facility's kitchen.

User-Friendly Platform

This means greater intelligence and shared knowledge resulting in confident decision-making and accurate service planning. Plans revolve around your residents. Verify can help you deliver highest quality of care at a lower cost, mitigate risks, ensure compliance and strengthen interdepartmental communication.


Verify Technologies currently have over 40 businesses using the software daily to run their operation. Approximately 5,000 users use the system daily.


According to the Congressional Budget Office, by 2050 4% of the population will be 85 or older, and more than half of them will have difficulty performing daily activities.


Catering to seniors requires extreme attention to detail. Automate those tasks today to take better care of your residents.


Save $20,000+ a month by managing food traceability the easy way.

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