Urban vs. Rural: 5 Pros of Each

Urban vs. Rural: 5 Pros of Each

Posted by Conner Gesbocker on Fri, Nov 03, 17

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Just a few days ago, Watermark Retirement Communities, in conjunction with KAREA (a private equity investor), announced the acquisition of a historic 16-story building in the center of Brooklyn, NY-- a Senior Housing Highrise in the middle of one of America’s greatest urban sprawls. This environment, for most Americans (whether New Yorkers or not), conjures up a gentrified space filled with millennials and a cultural richness marked by an almost overwhelming sense of being spoilt for choice. Conversely, this leaves supply-demand dynamics in the Big Apple notoriously stark.

This is why the announcement of urban life and senior living synergies seemed surprising for most in the industry. On closer inspection, though, there is a trend towards “the Urban Opportunity” for senior living in other large metros across the USA and urban centers actually attracting aging adults. At the same times, many residents of urban centers such as Brooklyn actually want to see more senior living opportunities in their neighborhoods, though the precise amenities or nature of these communities-- from full Skilled Nursing to retirement communities-- inherently vary according to the limited spaces in urban development.

Below is a list of 5 pros for two current trends for senior living options:

5 Pros of The Green House Project Style Senior Living

  1. Long-term care providers for life
  2. Small elder-to-staff ratio
  3. Family-like atmosphere and architecture
  4. Home-cooked meals
  5. 4 times more personal and social contact

5 Pros of Urban Highrise Style Senior Living

  1. Walkability
  2. Proximity to diverse healthcare
  3. Array of entertainment
  4. Array of dining options
  5. Sense of independence

A 2017 Aging in Cities Survey asked 3,000 adults from across 10 urban spaces concludes that urbanization and aging demographics are two of the most critical social trends currently facing the United States. This makes sense, so why shouldn’t they find synergy? Why move away from your home if you are already there? There is a definite demand as demographics age towards accommodating this demand with supply: Senior Living Development and Design in the City is a hot topic.

The tucked away homes in rural Colorado here have been a trend for those who are accustomed to and prefer the quiet solitude of nature and tightly-knit community, for some time in recent years. So, too, have the sprawling retirement communities in places such as Florida with golf courses, horseback riding, cafes and luxury apartments and stunning beachside views.

But to each his or her own-- an urbanite would naturally be drawn by the familiarity of a diverse and accessible city with everything in a walkable distance.

Conclusion: both focus on a “real home” feel and quality of care and of life. It just depends on what “home” means for you.

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